1. Meinl Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares and FREE Bag – MADE IN EUROPE – Baltic Birch Wood Full Size, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (BC1NTWR)

  • Create drum set grooves with bass and snare notes using your hands — the wood playing surface has two zones for bass and snare — play with your hands toward the center for deep bass or strike near the top corners with your fingers for crisp snare sounds
  • Perfect for acoustic shows and jam sessions — this Baltic birch cajon is the perfect grab-and-go percussion instrument for singers/songwriter circles, spontaneous jam sessions, accompanying guitarists and supporting acoustic bands in coffee house settings
  • Internal snares — dual sets of internal fixed snare wires are positioned against the inside of the playing surface to give you the same effect as a snare drum — these snare wires are held in place with a thin mesh strap that leaves the tone unaltered
  • Made in Europe (wine red finish) — constructed with 100% Baltic birch wood, a wood type commonly found in high end drum set construction for its superb natural acoustic qualities that give you plenty of definition with deep bass and cutting high tones
  • Includes heavy-duty bag — the exterior 600 denier synthetic fabric is extraordinarily durable for the heaviest of road use — designed for water, stain and abrasion resistance with a good degree of thickness and a PVC backing to give the bag more structure
  • Rear port for sound development — a circular port is cut into the backside of the Baltic birch resonating body to enhance the tone by letting air escape the instrument as you play it — this is also an ideal spot for microphone placement if needed
  • Full size — measuring 12″ W x 17¼” H x 12″ D, this cajon projects clearly in acoustic music settings, and anyone can sit down and play this instrument, from adults to young musicians, regardless of skill level
  • Four solid silicone feet — on the underside of the cajon are four solid silicone feet formulated to eliminate unwanted vibrations while protecting the cajon body from scratches on virtually any surface

2. Echoslap GFX Ship Cajon, Black, Hand Crafted, 21 Coiled Snare Wires, Deep Bass, Maple Frontplate, Hardwood Body + Free Gig Bag

  • The Ship Graphics Cajon has dynamic looking Ship pattern on the face and sides and a stage hiding flat black back with a Hardwood Body for super deep bass tones and a Maple Front Plate to fine tune your slap and snare sounds. This Cajon comes with a Free Gig Bag.
  • A set of 21 Coiled Snare Wires make this Cajon a Distinctive Sizzle Snare Tone and the adjustable front plate screws allow you to find tune the snap in your slap tones.
  • This Full Size Cajon is Individually Hand Crafted and Hand Adjusted by musicians for Superior sound to Inspire Your Music! The Endless combinations of Snare, Slap and Bass Tones created in different locations on the Face of the Cajon make it a Virtual Drumset in a Box!
  • Live or in Studio, you will feel great experiencing the full bass spectrum, sizzle snares, slap and responsive finger rolls, inspiring your beats and music. The padded top and Rich Tones will keep you in your groove for hours, solo or with friends. The Rear Sound Hole is Ideal for Mic Amplification and extends the Bass to fill the room. A Padded Top and Rubber feet add to your comfort and protection of this Attractive Cajon.
  • The GFX Cajon from CNZ Audio is also available in these Designs:: Lovers Vintage Art, Cherish the Moments Vintage Text, Tiger Print, Leopard Print & Snake Print! Inspire Your Music Today!

3. Meinl Bongo Cajon Box Drum – NOT MADE IN CHINA – Super Natural Finish Playing Surface and Hardwood Body, 2-YEAR WARRANTY (BCA1SNT-M)

  • Create cajon and bongo grooves — the wood playing surface has two zones for high and low pitch notes to give you the effect of playing traditional bongo drums with the added warmth and depth of a hollow wood cajon
  • Perfect for acoustic shows and jam sessions — the bongo cajon is the perfect grab-and-go percussion instrument for singers/songwriter circles, spontaneous jam sessions, accompanying guitarists and supporting acoustic bands in coffee house settings
  • No tuning required — an internal wood divider located under the playing surface separates the high and low pitch sounds from each other, and this will never go out of tune so you don’t have to worry about the pitch going flat
  • Hardwood, super natural matte — we use hardwood from managed forests to construct this bongo cajon for its naturally musical sound properties like definition, warm tone and projection (the same hardwood is used in some of our standard cajons and bongos)
  • Fits comfortably in your lap — measuring 15 ¾” L x 7 ¼” W x 6 ¾” H, the Meinl Bongo Cajon is designed to fit comfortably in your lap with the playing surface close to you (many players rest the bongo cajon on their legs while they play)
  • Hollow underside — turning the instrument over, you’ll notice the underside is completely hollow (aside from the pitch divider), and this is done to deliver outstanding projection to both you and your audience
  • Four small silicone feet — attached to the bottom corners of the bongo cajon are four small silicone feet to protect the wood body from scratches on virtually any surface
  • Manufacturer disclaimer — typographical or grammatical errors found in the bullet point or description text on this product page are a result of this site’s system and are neither the fault of the manufacturer nor marketplace sellers

4. On-Stage WCB100 Wood Cajon Brushes

  • 8.5″ Maple wood handles
  • 6″ Straight nylon bristles
  • Rubber rings adjust bristle spacing for louder or softer dynamics
  • Longer handle for better control with an overall length 14.5″

5. Meinl Percussion Cajon Box Drum with Internal Snares-Made in Europe-Baltic Birch Wood Compact Size, 2-Year Warranty, Brown (JC50BR)

  • PERFECT FOR JAM SESSIONS AND ACOUSTIC SHOWS: The Meinl compact Jam Cajon is the perfect grab-and-go percussion instrument for singer/songwriter circles, spontaneous jam sessions, and supporting acoustic bands in small intimate settings. Measuring 10.25″ wide x 15″ tall x 10.25″ deep, the Jam Cajon is more compact for easier transport and straightforward use.
  • ALL BIRCH CONSTRUCTION WITH INTERNAL SNARE WIRES: Made entirely of Birch Wood and equipped with internal fixed snare wires, the Meinl Jam Cajon dishes out cutting snare slaps, deep and punchy bass hits, and responsive finger rolls. Great sound is easy to achieve from this cajon for anyone interested in rhythm, regardless of skill level. Just sit down and play!
  • ADJUSTABLE PLAYING SURFACE: The top frontplate corners on the playing surface may be adjusted with a quick turn of a screwdriver to alter the distance between the frontplate and the resonating body. This results in a varied amount of “slap” sound that drummers can use to provide a deeper backbeat.
  • REAR PORT IDEAL FOR MIC PLACEMENT: A rear sound port is cut into the back of the birch resonating body to allow air to escape from the cajon as you play it. This results in enhanced tonal qualities and overall feel. It’s also an ideal spot to place a microphone when amplification is needed.
  • OFFICIAL TWO YEAR WARRANTY: All Meinl cajons carry a two year manufacturer’s warranty when purchased from authorized retailers.

6. Meinl Make Your Own Cajon Kit with Snares – MADE IN EUROPE – Baltic Birch Wood, Includes Easy to Follow Manual (MYO-CAJ)

  • Build it yourself: for the do-it-yourself percussionists or those looking for a fun family activity, The Mein make your own canons are a great hands-on project for the woodworking type of musician
  • Baltic birch wood: this kit includes Baltic birch panels to build your Cajon and two sets of snare wires that are ideal for producing cutting snare slaps, punchy bass hits, and responsive finger rolls
  • Customize your own Cajon: once completely, You have complete freedom to oil, lacquer, wax and paint your Cajon to your liking and make a truly unique instrument
  • Simple instruction manual: The process of creating your own Cajon is made simple with the included step-by-step instructions (Includes multiple languages)
  • Standard SIZE: this Cajon measure in at 18″ Tall x 11 3/4″ Wide x 11 3/4″ Deep, making it the perfect size for either adults or children to play on

7. Sawtooth ST-CJ121SL-KIT-1 Maple Back and Sides Ash Wood Cajon with Seat Pad and Carry Bag

  • Ash Wood Front Panel
  • Adjustable Internal Snare Wire System and Adjustable Front Plate to Achieve Desired Sound
  • Full Size Cajon 20″ Tall 12″ Wide 12″ Deep
  • Durable Rubber Base Feet
  • Maple Back and Sides
  • Includes Carry Bag & Padded Seat Cushion for added comfort

8. Meinl Percussion WC1-M Medium Wood Cajon Castanet, Black

  • Medium: 3″ L x 2 3/8″ W x 1″ H
  • Spring opened
  • Self-adhesive tape goes safely on any surface
  • Ultimate cajon accessory
  • Creates high pitched staccato accents

9. Pyle String Cajon – Wooden Percussion Box, with Internal Guitar Strings, Full Size

  • PERFECT HANDCRAFT : Introducing Pyle string Jam Cajon, a perfect musical instrument that brings more life into your music An amazing hand crafted wooden panel box frame built in classic /traditional instrument style
  • ADJUSTABLE GUITAR STRINGS : Pyle string Jam Cajon is exquisitely engineered to allow musicians to totally express themselves, it features internal Adjustable guitar strings which provides a smooth rhythmic sound production for a better musical experience Strings can be tuned from the bottom of the cajon (hex key included inside)
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT : Comes in a compact size (LxWxH) : 12.0″ x12.0″ x18.0″ and weighs only 10.9 pounds Very light and easy to carry about unlike other heavy and bulky brands of stringed Jam Cajon
  • ANTI-VIBRATION INTERFERENCE : Pyle wooden Cajon percussion box features a rubber- capped feet in order to prevent any possibility of vibration interference and encourage original crystal clear acoustic sound productio

10. KTÄK -The First Handcrafted, Hand Drum Percussion, Two-Sound Cajón Body Snare, Portable Cajon by Kandu (Natural Wood/Orange Logo)

  • The Kandu KTÄK® “Body Snare” Handcrafted Hand Drum Percussion Portable Cajon is the first-ever Two-tone wearable snare, designed to meet the needs of professional percussionists & travel enthusiasts.

  • Features: Lightweight & transportable Adjustable waist strap Flippable for easy access to both percussion surfaces

  • At the heart of KTÄK is its mobility. You can really take this thing anywhere and play at anytime. Percussion is not station

  • Quality
    Constructed from sustainable ultra- dense Finnish birch plywood
    Handcrafted by us -water-based finish Individually tested

  • Sound :

    Two percussion surfaces & soundbox Snare side is crisp with treble and high-mid pitch Ethnic side is clean & clear with natural sound and both high- and low-mid pitch

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