1. Knockout Home Fitness – Nintendo Switch

  • Real Full Body Fitness at Home – Get fit at home with intense, calorie-burning exercises based on movements from boxing and other martial arts such as karate, kung-fu, and Muay Thai
  • Complete Intense Daily Workouts in about 15 Minutes -From Personal Training Mode, where a routine is pre-programed for you, to 3-Minute Fitness Mode, where you can select specific high-intensity workouts, there are modes to match any lifestyle or schedule
  • Check Your Progress With “My Report” – Focus on results with the sleek My Report function to review your calendar, see how often and how long you exercised, and learn your total number of burned calories and completed actions all in one place
  • Four personal Trainers are here for You – a colorful cast of 4 personal Trainers, ranging from friendly to strict, will guide you through the personalized workout programs Designed to help you meet your individual goals and offer something new each day

2. Unfinished Sky

3. Watercolor Brush Pens by GenCrafts – Set of 20 Premium Colors – Real Brush Tips – No Mess Storage Case – Washable Nontoxic Markers – Portable Painting

  • 20 VIBRANT COLORS: Our brush pens are filled with premium watercolor ink that is perfect for blending, coloring and all watercolor technique; Comes with a refillable brush pen
  • AMAZING VALUE: Experience why our customers rave about the quality and value of our watercolor brush pens
  • REAL BRUSH TIP: Flexible nylon paint brush tips allow for broad and fine strokes
  • HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: Carefully crafted for ease of use, and are suitable for all skill levels
  • PORTABLE: No leaks, no hassle, no mess; Easy art on the go with a convenient storage case
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Any concerns with your product? Contact us directly and receive a response within 24 hours

4. Russian Martial Art Systema DVD #3: Elements and Exercises. Self-Defense Training DVD of Close Hand-to-Hand Combat Fighting by Russian Systema Spetsnaz. Martial Art Instructional Video to Learn Self Defense at Home.

  • MARTIAL ART INSTRUCTIONAL DVD to build physical strength, coordination, and endurance
  • Improve body flexibility, Develop joints, ligaments, and tendons
  • WATCH SPECIAL HAND TO HAND COMBAT TRAINING SET and get ready for reality-based self defense training
  • Learn 50+ practical, easy to follow combat exercises and special fighting training techniques to bring your Martial Arts training for a new level
  • This Systema DVD will benefit all Martial Arts styles and Self-Defense Systems: taekwondo, krav maga, muay thai, karate, aikido, wing chun, kendo, boxing and kickboxing, ninjutsu, brazilian jiu jitsu, hapkido, shotokan, judo, tai chi and all other hand to hand combat schools.

5. The Sensei

6. At Home Cardio for Fat Loss

7. RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART TRAINING DVDS – 6 DVD set of Russian Systema Spetsnaz Street Self Defense Training. Best Martial Arts Instructional Videos to Learn Hand-to-Hand Combat Techniques at Home.

  • ONE OF THE BEST HAND-TO-HAND COMBAT DVDS produced by Russian Systema Spetsnaz (Russian Special Forces, GRU units).
  • WIDE VARIETY OF SELF DEFENSE TRAINING TOPICS: Grabs and Chokes releases, Strikes, Punches, Kicks, Weapons self-defense, Takedown Techniques, Joints Locks, Knife fighting techniques, Internal Energy in Combat and more!
  • BUY THIS RUSSIAN MARTIAL ART DVD SET AND SAVE 25% INSTANTLY! Best Hand to Hand Combat Training of Russian Martial Art System!
  • Recommended for beginner and advance martial artists. 6-HOURS OF MARTIAL ARTS INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS IN ENGLISH!

8. KNIFE SELF-DEFENSE DVD – Martial Art Training Video of Knife Fighting Techniques by Russian Systema Spetsnaz, Hand to Hand Combat Training At Home for Beginners and Advanced Students

  • KNIFE COMBAT TRAINING DVD by Russian Systema Spetsnaz. This Martial Arts Instructional DVD includes 100+ Best Knife Fighting Techniques of reality-based Self-Defense Training
  • LEARN STREET SELF DEFENSE FIGHTING AGAINST KNIFE THREATS to arteries and neck, knife attacks from behind and powerful knife disarming techniques
  • IMPROVE YOUR KNIFE DISARMING TECHNIQUES using a unique 3 planes concept, levers application, redirection, and evasion methods
  • WATCH KNIFE SELF DEFENSE TRAINING IN VARIOUS FIGHTING SITUATIONS: Master how to turn a knife against an opponent, knock a knife out, and apply powerful counter-attack self-defense techniques

9. KRAV MAGA – ISRAELI SYSTEM OF SELF-DEFENSE: 100 attack and defense movements.

10. Standing Energy Tai Chi for Beginners with Master Tommy Kirchhoff: an Easy to Follow Tai Chi Video to Learn Tai Chi at Home, Lessons are Great for Balance & Mobility

  • A workout that’s easy on your joints Help develop your coordination, balance and stability with this low-impact routine
  • The easy, natural movements will rejuvenate your body and stretch the connective tissues of your hips, knees, ankles and feet to help your balance
  • 51 minutes
  • A workout that’s easy on your jointsHelp develop your coordination, balance and stability with this low-impact routine
  • The easy, natural movements will rejuvenate your body and stretch the connective tissues of your hips, knees, ankles and feet to help your balance

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