1. The Martial Arts Mindset Complete: Part 1: Discipline and Part 2: The Game Changers (Johnny Wright Collection)

2. Martial Arts of Shaolin

3. The Martial Arts Teacher: A Practical Guide to a Noble Way

4. The Anatomy of Martial Arts: An Illustrated Guide to the Muscles Used for Each Strike, Kick, and Throw

5. Martial Fusion Power Workout 4

6. Muay Thai Warrior

7. Jiu-Jitsu Unleashed: A Comprehensive Guide to the World’s Hottest Martial Arts Discipline

  • McGraw-Hill

8. The Book of Five Rings

9. Cameron Shayne – Budokon for Beginners

  • A rousing fusion of fast-paced Ashtanga yoga, explosive martial arts and life-affirming meditation, Cameron Shayne s Budokon system puts Eastern practices on a new plane. Anyone looking for a high-energy workout that also sharpens mental focus and brings a deeper feeling of purpose will find it on their own terms with Budokon. Shayne s personal energy and passionate mastery of all three discipline

10. MMA: Sambo Vol. 2 by Hervé Gheldman – Mixed Martial Arts Fight Techniques

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