1. Practical Escrima Knife Defense: Filipino Martial Arts Knife Defense Training (Self-Defense)

2. KNIFE SELF-DEFENSE DVD – Martial Art Training Video of Knife Fighting Techniques by Russian Systema Spetsnaz, Hand to Hand Combat Training At Home for Beginners and Advanced Students

  • KNIFE COMBAT TRAINING DVD by Russian Systema Spetsnaz. This Martial Arts Instructional DVD includes 100+ Best Knife Fighting Techniques of reality-based Self-Defense Training
  • LEARN STREET SELF DEFENSE FIGHTING AGAINST KNIFE THREATS to arteries and neck, knife attacks from behind and powerful knife disarming techniques
  • IMPROVE YOUR KNIFE DISARMING TECHNIQUES using a unique 3 planes concept, levers application, redirection, and evasion methods
  • WATCH KNIFE SELF DEFENSE TRAINING IN VARIOUS FIGHTING SITUATIONS: Master how to turn a knife against an opponent, knock a knife out, and apply powerful counter-attack self-defense techniques

3. Balisong: The Lethal Art Of Filipino Knife Fighting

4. ZooBoo Chinese Taichi Kungfu Fan Bamboo Martial Arts Sports Fighting Hand Fan 13inch (Pure Black)

  • Made a loud sound when open with speed
  • Fan Bone Material: Bamboo
  • Fan bone length:33cm ;Weight:160g
  • Smooth & Safety;Easy Opening and Clothing
  • Being a soft exercise, it is appropriate for seniors, adults and youths. Additionally, the kind of sport can be choreographed to music as dance form and is suitable for individual or group performance

5. BladesUSA 2510-CBK Kung Fu Fighting Fan, Metal Frame, Black/White, 14-3/4-Inch Length, 27-1/4-Inch Open

  • Metal Kung Fu Fighting Fan
  • 14.75″ Long
  • 27.25″ Opened
  • 8oz Total Weight
  • White Dragon On Black Fan

6. Century Martial Arts Learn Filipino Kali Knife Fighting DVD

  • Century Martial Arts Learn Filipino Kali Knife Fighting DVD

7. Kali Shirt- Filipino Martial Arts Fighting Tee Philippines

  • Kali is the national sport and martial arts of the Philippines. It emphasizes heavily on weapon-based fighting with sticks, knives, bladed weapons and various improvised weapons.
  • Inosanto,Kali,Arnis, Eskrima,Ailat,Martial Arts,Philippines,Pinoy,Filipino,Indonesian,MMA,Sticks,Bolo,Baybayin,FMA,symbolism,sun,triangle,stars,fist,Kampilan,Susuwat,Gayang,Banyal,Utak,Laring,Barong,Pira Cotabato,Balisong,Balisiong
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

8. Russian Martial Arts DVD – Knife in Close Combat by Russian Systema Spetsnaz – Hand-to-Hand Combat Training Video

  • Elements of knife disarming, lever applications, redirection and evasion methods
  • Main Principles of Knife fighting against various angle attacks
  • Secret training of Russian Special Forces
  • Effective, Practical and Easy to learn self defense for the modern world!
  • Recommended for All Martial Artists!

9. Bowie and Big Knife Fighting System

10. MACS Plastic Boot Training Self Defence Combat Practice Knife Martial Arts Weapon 10.75″

  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Solid training knife, well designed with nice rounded edges for light and medium contact training, molded one-piece manufactured from a pretty strong material making it more efficient practice weapon and can handle great deal of abuse
  • SMART DESIGN: Hilt features added grip, less slippery or floppy, no harsh feel, making this perfect sturdy training knife for Krav Maga, kali, airsoft, self defense, elite military or Marine Corps tactical training and demonstrations
  • SAFE: Supplement your practice with our training replica knives that closely duplicates the feel and size of its original counterpart but dull and considerably solid and safer to train with than the real thing. No sharp edges making it very safe for teaching knife skills
  • DURABLE: While this knife is not quite rigid as metal or wood, it is virtually unbreakable and cut resistant. This weapon is what you need and will go long way
  • SIZE AND WEIGHT: Overall length 10.75″ Blade 5.5″. Polypropylene made, weight 2.5 oz approx

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