1. Lyre Harp,15 strings 22 inch Solid Birchwood Musical Instrument Height For Adult Kids Beginner with Tuning Wrench Black Gig Bag Strap (White)

  • 15 International Standard Strings: Of better quality strings make our lyre harp’s tone more stable, and different color strings help you recognize tone quicker.
  • Two Sound Holes: With two big sound hole,this lyre harp sound conduction brighter,the tone is ringing and can fill in a whole room.
  • Good Material Wood:Lyre Harp Body is made from solid Brichwood,it can stand stable and produce warm tone.
  • Convenient for Tuning:You need to tune lyre harp upon it arrive,clockwise to tighten strings, counterclockwise it to loosen strings,then it will keep in tone.
  • Come with a Gig bag, strap and tuning wrench, you can start practice this lyre harp on table or leave your hand free to play with the strap.

2. 12 String Children’s Harp Celtic Design Extra Strings Tuner Carrying Case New

  • children’s harp for starters
  • Free Carrying case,
  • Extra Strings and Tuning Key
  • Shipped from Midwest USA
  • 30 Day Money Back warranty

3. Altay Jew’s Harp for Beginners: P.Potkin’s Komus with”Light Leaf” case

4. Lyre Harp, 16-String Harp Solid Wood Mahogany Lyre Harp with Tuning Wrench, Pick,Strings, Black Gig Bag and Instruction Manual for Beginners Instruments Lovers (coffee color)

  • 【MADE OF MAHOGANY】: The lyre harp carved from a piece of Mahogany, it can make the sound more rich and complex, and have higher clarity and resonance. The instrument is warm voiced with a pleasant tone.The mahogany solid wood body adopts a special concave design with a smooth surface and exquisite workmanship. Wood with high hardness and high density is enough to keep the color tone.
  • 【16 STEEL STRINGS】: 16-String Wooden Lyre Harps Metal String Instrument . Need to repeatedly adjust, the bell is ringing, and can fill the entire room. The shorter the string, the higher the pitch you get. The same is true for string tension.
  • 【Healing Soul Instrument】When you gently pluck a string, it will resonate to produce a continuous sound,warm and pure.Its application areas are mainly in performance,healing and teaching,Music-loving,ect.
  • 【VARIOUS ACCESSORIES】:The starter kit provides everything you need, such as piano bag, extra strings, tuning wrench, English music tutorial, picks. It is more suitable for your needs to take music with you or store it at home.
  • 【WONDREFUL GIFTS】The lyre harp is relatively light, and it can be carried anywhere with the lyre bag, which is suitable for various gatherings or travels to cultivate the mood. Can be used in many occasions.It is the best gift for children, adults, bands and professionals,it will be suitable for beginners and professionals.

5. 27 Inch Tall Celtic Irish Knee Harp 17 Strings Solid Wood Free Bag Strings Key

  • 17 strings Harp
  • Extra Strings, Padded Bag and Tuner Included
  • Starter Harp for Children

6. World of Harmony Music; Child’s Play ~ A Beginner’s Collection of 28 Favorite Childhood Songs for Zither, Lap Harp

  • This is the easiest of the seven World of Harmony Music books, and is the best for beginners and young children.
  • Contains 28 favorite children’s songs, arranged and sized for “Melody Harp”, “Small World Toys”, “Music Maker”, and T.K. O’Briens zithers. (NOT FIRST ACT) If the music cards for your zither measure 4″ across the top, 12″ across the bottom, and 8″ vertically, these books should work for your zither.
  • Just play the notes in the order shown on the music sheets, instant success. Tuning guide and rhythm lessons included.
  • Now available, look for my separate companion book of harmony parts for each song in this book, so duets can be played on a second zither.

7. East top Harmonica, Diatonic Blues Harmonica Key of C, Blues Harp Mouth Organ Harmonica 10 Holes 20 Tones 008K with Blue Case, Standard Harmonica For Adults, Professionals, Beginners and Students

  • Professional harmonica for adult-East top 10 hole professional diatonic harmonica, suitable for Blues, Folk, Rock, Country, Jazz etc. Great for professional harmonica players and beginners. This Professional Blues Harmonica has exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, accurate tone and responsive.
  • Rich sound, responsive, airtightness – Precision-made plastic comb with phosphor bronze reeds; 1.2mm thickness reed plate is easier to get the higher pitch, rich sound and timbre. The reed plate with electroplating antirust, the hole, reed gap is better after electroplating. At the same time, you will feel comfortable when playing, easy to use the skill, such as over-blowing and bending, giving the performer a new experience.
  • Pocket size and easy to bring-(4.01x 1.06x 0.75)”/ (102x 27 x 19)mm(L x W x H), you can put it into your pocket, it can be played everywhere, such as party, school, office and trip etc.
  • Beautiful packaging- The package is exquisitely small and can be used as a birthday present, a gift for further study, a holiday souvenir or a business meeting gift and wedding anniversary etc.
  • Package includes 1x harmonica (key of C); 1x instruction and 1x cleaning cloth. We are the harmonica manufacturer of the East top brand.Backed Up with East top 30 Days Unconditional Money Back . You can rest assured to buy our products.

8. Altay Jew’s Harp for Beginners: P.Potkin’s Komus +”Dark Leaf” wooden case

  • Jew’s harp Altay komuses Russia beginners model.

9. AKLOT Harp 15 Strings, Mahogany Harp 22 Inch Height for Adult Kids Beginner with Tuning Wrench Black Gig Bag Strap (International Standard Strings, No Spare String)

  • Mahogany Body: this lyre harp has a very warm sound, it a professional musical instrument, also can as a decor for your home.
  • Special String: this lyre harp has 15 strings, to help you can recognize them better when playing, we added some colored string to distinguish them.
  • This lyre harp has two strap locks that can help you play it easier. especially when you take it for your show and gigs.
  • Every string has a ball end and steel string post, that will lock the string in place and has a stable tuning. but nylon string needs to settle down to keep in tune.
  • Coming with a carrying bag, strap and tuning wrench, you can start practice this lyre harp out of the box.

10. MUARO Jaw Harp by P. Potkin – Altai Mouth Harp Musical Instrument – Jew’s Harp Instruments for Beginner and Professional Musician – Unique Harp with Case – Great Jawharp Gift for Adults and Kids

  • ???? Indulge yourself with a unique musical instrument: our Jew’s harp is an exceptional instrument, handcrafted by the famous harp master Pavel Potkin in the Altai Mountains, Russia that is considered the home of the finest jaw harps!
  • ???? Discover endless new sounds: the khomus Jews harp is specifically designed to produce clear and crisp sounds! Depending on your breathing technique and movement, it can produce a unique variety of melodies.
  • ???? Easy-to-use musical instrument: the jaw harp’s design fits comfortably on your lips and fingers so that even complete beginners or children can easily use it, and it does not require having previous musical knowledge or training!
  • ???? Lightweight and portable mouth harp instrument: the compact Jew harp comes with a protective case to store it and carry it with you while you are on the go. Plus, it has a cord attached so you can hang it on your wrist.
  • ???? Durable, long-lasting Jews harps: all our mouth harps are made of high-quality materials, like steel and brass, to ensure that they will stand the test of time. The case is crafted from cedar and the cord from premium leather.

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